Weighted Average Shares vs Outstanding Shares

Content Why EPS is important for investors Free Accounting Courses Examples of Shares Outstanding Formula (With Excel Template) What is the weighted average shares outstanding? Outstanding Stock What are some examples of weighted average shares outstanding calculations? Receiving a grant of 1 million shares might sound great in absolute terms, but it’s not as attractive […]

How does petty cash affect expenses?

Petty cash is a small amount of currency and coins that a company has available to make very small payments instead of requesting and processing a company check. The amount of the petty cash fund is recorded in a current asset account entitled Petty Cash when the petty cash fund is established. Sometimes, the petty […]

What is a variable cost?

When we look at sales, it is not as straightforward as taking the cost price away from retail price to derive the margin. One of these variables is the sales commission that varies between different salespeople and different sales items. We wrote a blog on whether sales commissions are a period or product cost. Form […]

Ecommerce Bookkeeping Services for Amazon & Shopify Sellers

Content The TOP 5 most In-demand Jobs In the Virtual Assistant Services Industry. Ecommerce Bookkeeping Mistakes and Hidden Costs (Implications) for your Business A Painless Guide to Ecommerce Accounting Wishup: The last stop for all your E-commerce Bookkeeping requirements Making Accounting Easy Accounting in eCommerce involves recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions of an online […]

Billing for telebehavioral health

Content essentials for medical schools as they refine admissions policies Behavioral health coding resource CPT Code 96125 Codes for group training Are you having technical issues with the Medicare Coverage Database (MCD)? The Most Common Mental Health CPT Codes Psychotherapy codes resources Using the same structure as the RPM codes, RTM codes are used for […]